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Shadow Land

  • 2016-11-03 10:16:36
Big wild maps here. Kill monsters to get EXP. Rare Elites and PK events will launch randomly depend on the players numbers in map.

AFK Rules:
1. Players can get EXP rewards in Shadow Land every certain minute.
2. When Rare Elite shows up or Eclipse occurs, players will get much more EXP.
Rare Elite Rules:
1.Deal damage to Boss will get personal credits, dies and revive at the spot or run beyond boss attack range, will be removed 50% credits, leave the map will remove all credits.
2. When the boss is killed, the highest credits player can earn guild rewards for all of his guild members.
Eclipse Rules:
1. During Eclipse, players will get more EXP by killing monsters, and have more chances to get chests.
2. Players can attack others, and get EXP by killing them and can capture chests from them. Half of rewards chest will be removed when exit in Eclipse unless you are killed.