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  • 2016-11-03 10:09:21

The CoA mount system unlocks at level 15
Clash of Avatars features a 4 mount class system.
Avian= Striders
Dragos = Raptors
Equine = Ponies
General = special mounts

Players can choose their favourite type of mount. With more than one type of mount in each class, there is plenty of choice.
Players are able to use mount cards to gain added stats and boosts to their mounts. One of each type of card can be place in the mount form window. For players that have VIP the option to place 2 cards in each class, becomes possible.

Inheriting unused or unwanted mounts, allows players to use the exp points from the unwanted and unused mounts to further the growth of their preferred mount. Mounts that are level one, have no experience and can not be inherited.