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Maintenance Time

  • 2015-09-22 12:53:45
Dear players,
Due to the amount of upgrade, our maintenance will be changed from our scheduled time to Friday (2015/9/25) 2:30AM to 5:30AM Eastern Time.
Take a fresh look on what is going to be on soon!
New Family system, gather your friends and family in your own Family. In the family you will be able to chill and have your own Family chatting channel. You will be able to have your own Family Last name to represent your Family when in games.
There will also be new quests for player to accomplish.
1. New quests which include the Family quest: build or become a Family member!
2. Quest Name: Get VIP for Free
Quest Description: Level up to lvl45 in “Celestial Dynasty” to get 7days VIP.
3. Quest Name: Get Limited Clothing for Free
Quest Description: Level up to lvl55 to get permanent “Celestial Dynasty” clothing in Kira.
*PS: Quest 2&3 event time starts from 2015/9/25 to 2015/10/7(Maintenance)
Thank you all for your love and support for Kira.