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Maintenance Time

  • 2015-10-13 13:07:08
Dear players, our maintenance this week has been changed from Wednesday to Thursday (2015-10-15) 4:00-6:00am Eastern Time. We are changing the bonuses of the recharge so if you wish to use the old first recharge bonuses be sure to use it before the maintenance. We will also be adding selection to recharge 999.99USD. Which first recharge bonus is 50000gold and one permanent set of 999.99USD exclusive clothing. Bonus can only be received once. There will also be some new clothing up. Thank you all, enjoy Kira!
10/15 New First Recharge Bonus Adjustment:
1st 4.99 USD: Recharge 4.99USD and get the bonus of 60gold. Bonus can only be received once.

1st 9.99 USD: Recharge 9.99USD and get the bonus of 140gold. Bonus can only be received once.

1st 19.99 USD: Recharge 19.99USD and get the bonus of 400gold. Bonus can only be received once.

1st 39.99 USD: Recharge 39.99USD and get the bonus of 1200gold. Bonus can only be received once.

1st 99.99 USD: Recharge 99.99USD and get the bonus of 3600gold and one permanent set of 99.99USD exclusive clothing. Bonus can only be received once.

1st 299.99 USD: Recharge 299.99USD and get the bonus of 12000gold and one permanent set of 299.99USD exclusive clothing. Bonus can only be received once.

1st 999.99 USD: Recharge 999.99USD and get the bonus of 50000gold and one permanent set of 999.99USD exclusive clothing. Bonus can only be received once.