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Celestial Dynasty X Kira

  • 2015-09-25 16:02:37
Kira and Celestial Dynasty has crossover! Play Celestial Dynasty to get reward in Kira!
Accomplish the quests to get free 7days VIP and exclusive clothing!
Event time: 2015/9/25– 2015/10/7(Maintenance)
Login to “Celestial Dynasty” and accomplish the condition to get reward from Kira!
“Celestial Dynasty” has three different area servers. East, West, Asia. Choose the server that is in your area. Level up to lvl45 in “Celestial Dynasty” to get 7days VIP. Level up to lvl55 to get permanent “Celestial Dynasty” clothing in Kira. Accomplish the conditions above to claim prize in the Quest.
Let Celestial Dynasty’s fantasy begin!