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Player Settings

  • 2015-08-19 17:40:53
- The number of players in a killer game is from 6 to 18. 
- In a game of 6 to 8 players, there are 1 Detective and 1 Killer.
- In a game of 9 to 11 players, there are 2 Detectives and 2 Killers.
- In a game of 12 to 14 players, there are 3 Detectives, 3 Killers, 1 Doctor and 1 Sniper. (3 injections and 3 shots)
- In a game of 15 to 18 players, there are 4 Detectives, 4 Killers, 1 Doctor and 1 Sniper. (4 injections and 4 shots)

Gameplay Descriptions

When a player enters the game room, he or she will first enter a "waiting area". The system will automatically count the number of players. When the number of players reaches 6, which is the minimum requirement of starting a game, the room master can decide whether the game starts or not, without waiting until the room is full.
 In the "waiting area", players can vote on changing the room master. When more than half the waiting players take part in the voting, one of those who has voted will be selected randomly as the room master. This is to prevent idle room masters from causing the game unable to start.
   When game starts, the system will assign random roles to the players, and role signs will be displayed next to the players' names. Only Killers and Detectives can see the identity of players with the same role. Civilian players cannot see any role signs.
No one knows the identity of Doctor and Sniper but themselves. They are just Civilians in other players' eyes.

Night Time
At night, Detectives can inspect any player, and the result can only be seen by Detective players. At the same time, Killers can choose any player to kill.
If there are more than one Detective or Killer, an election will be held to decide which target to choose. If no one gets more than half votes, nothing will happen. (that means Detective will not inspect anyone and Killer will not kill anyone.)
Civilians can neither talk nor perform any actions at night, while Detectives and Killers can chat in their own channels. Doctors can give any player an injection at night. If that player is killed at the same night, he or she will then revive. Otherwise, the injection will be regarded as an empty injection. Any player who has been given two empty injections will die. Snipers can shoot any player at night. The gun shots will ignore the healing effect of Doctor's injections.

Day Time
At daytime, all players can chat and vote freely. When time is up, the player with the most votes will be lynched. Each player has 3 chances at most to vote again.
Similarly, to perform a lynching, it requires more than half of players vote for it. If a player does not get more than half votes, even though he or she gets the most votes, he or she will not be lynched.