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Kira Hut

  • 2015-12-03 15:18:56
In the world of Kira, there are many ways of getting all kinds of clothing. (For example, by purchase, lucky draw, events, or gifts from the Official) But one can only have one set of clothes to wear which seems to be a pity. We are now releasing a new function “Kira Hut” so that everyone can show off their clothes to friends, family, and the whole Kira World!
System Name: Kira Hut
System Description:

How to use the Closet:
  1. The hut will be name [(Player’s name)’s Hut] automatically.
  2. You can name different show box anything you want. And press the little pencil to save.
  3. Shows your popularity which higher by likes.
  4. You can change your background at the BG.
  5. Click on change to change your clothing appearance.
  6. Can clear your show box but the likes will be cleared at also.
  7. You can share your hut, but is only for Facebook User
  8. Click on the star to use it as your main appearance.
  9. Shows the top 50 popular hut ranking
  10. Shows the guest who visit and who likes your hut
How to like:
  1. Click on like to like someone’s Kira hut
  2. You have 10 likes daily
  3. Each like consumes 2000 silver
  4. Can only like other’s hut, cannot like your own hut
  5. Every like can raise one point of popularity