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Zombie Apocalypse

  • 2016-02-01 14:17:45

Here's a short introduction on how to play it:
- Introducing a new role- Zombie. 
- Zombies have a different objective on winning a game.
(It doesn't belong to detective nor killer side)
- Zombies are anonymous to everyone, including other zombies.
- A Zombie can bite 1 player per night.
- Different number of zombie bites received during the same night will have different effects.
- If a player receives 1 bite, he/she will turn into a zombie after the following day.
- If a player receives 2 bites (from 2 different zombies), he/she will turn into a zombie at the end of that night.
- If a player receives 3 or more bites (from different zombies), the player will die.
- However, if a zombie bites another zombie, the biter dies.
- When the number of alive zombies has reached half or more than the number of total alive players, the zombies win.
- Players who turn into a zombie will lose their previous role.
- Eg: police → zombie, at the end of the game, he will be counted as a zombie role, not as a police role.